From Crater Face to Smooth

Last week I went to the aesthetic doctor in Singapore for a simple procedure to get rid of some acne. The acne had been giving me problems for a while, and even though I had used all kinds of face washes and put different kinds of creams on it, my face was still ridden with acne. I was beginning to think that I would be stuck with the acne for the rest of my life, but a friend of mine told me that I could do something about it by going to the Singapore clinic. I thought my trip there would be just like every other attempt I’ve taken to get rid of the acne, but I was wrong.

At the clinic, they had some better treatments than the ones that I had been paying for in the store. The doctors at the clinic told me that the simple procedure they perform would make the acne go away, and that they could leave it so that there was no scarring after the fact. After hearing this news, I was ready to try what seemed like a miracle treatment to me. They did the treatment, and told me to come back for a follow up after a certain period of time. My face was nothing like it was in the past. I had gone from being a man with a face that looked like a moon filled with craters, to a smooth face.

Now that my face is a lot better, I am more confident, and I get all kinds of attention from people. I have a better time talking to people of the opposite sex because I’m more positive about my appearance, and other people can pick up on that. They would never know that I had a bad acne problem.