Battery Function on the Vehicle

Battery Function on the Vehicle

The battery is one of the parts of the electrical system that exists in vehicles, both in motorcycle vehicles and vehicles in automobile vehicles.

Battery is a device used to store electrical energy sources through electro -chemical process, that is, from a chemical process converted into electrical energy (during the emptying process) and vice versa from electrical energy converted into a chemical process (during the charging process).

The current that comes from the battery is a direct current or DC current (Alternating Current) . While the battery voltage used is 12 volts.

The battery has a very important function for electricity in the vehicle, the function of the battery, among others:

At the time the engine is off

At the time of the engine, this battery serves as a source of electrical power that serves to turn on the electrical system in the vehicle, such as sein lights (turn signal lights), horns (horns), indicators on the dashboard, city lights, headlights and others. so on.

When the engine is still not running, the battery is the only source of electricity used, because at this time the alternator on the vehicle is not working.

At the time of starting the engine

When performing a starter using electric starter, the battery is also the only source of electricity used to start or run the starter motor.

When the machine is on

By the time the engine is on, the alternator on the vehicle is working, so the battery is no longer the main …

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Building an On-Demand Medicine Delivery Service Like CVS and Capsule

Building an On-Demand Medicine Delivery Service Like CVS and Capsule

Today, plenty of products and services are available online. People can place their orders, make payments, and then just wait for products to be delivered. Ordering medicines on the Internet is possible as well. Creating a convenient medicine application may turn into a pretty profitable investment because this will help increase sales. 

What Is a Medicine Delivery App?

Such applications allow customers to pick and purchase medications right from the comforts of their homes. Customers can upload their prescriptions, contact a consultant, find attractive discounts, and more.

Helpful statistics on the medicine delivery app market are available here You can see for yourself that the demand for such services keeps increasing year by year. 

The thing is that the use of special medicine applications is highly convenient.

Here are the main benefits of doing that:

  • Customers do not have to travel to any land-based pharmacy.
  • No need to be waiting in the queue.
  • An opportunity to find the right drug.
  • The possibility to catch attractive discounts.
  • Instant help from specialists.
  • Availability around the clock. 

Of course, the popularity of such an application depends on its quality. 

What Are CVS and Capsule?

CVS is a convenient pharmacy app. It has a nice red and white design and allows accessing a variety of features, such as:

  • Mobile payments
  • ExtraCare
  • Prescription information
  • Refill/pickup options
  • Curbside Pickup services

There are separate versions for iOS and Android users. 

Capsule is an easy-to-use application that can be used to order medications and get them …

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Security Cameras: Types, Tips And Which One To Buy For Home

Security Cameras: Types, Tips And Which One To Buy For Home

Home security and surveillance cameras

Today, having a video surveillance system or Security camera system is an optimal solution to keep thieves out and protect the home and its inhabitants. The constant progress in technology has led the security sector, especially in recent years, to offer the market increasingly efficient products for all needs and at very competitive prices.

We can satisfy our security from a simple surveillance camera that we can buy at an economic price to really complex systems that stand out for their efficiency and home automation.

In this article we are going to try to explain what home security cameras we can find on the market, their different types, and how we should choose them. It is a complement to the article on security measures to prevent theft at home.

Although first, we would like to see where thieves enter homes (Chalets, apartments, offices, warehouses … ect) so we leave the following infographic that can give us an idea of ​​the weak and unsafe points of our home.

In addition, we must also know… What are the most used protection and security measures?

As we can see in the image, the security camera is the last option for users, however, and as we will see in the article, it is one of the most effective options for both inside and outside the home.

Remember … What is the security camera? They are video surveillance cameras in charge of capturing everything that happens in a space, be …

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What Do You Mean By Database Performance?

What Do You Mean By Database Performance?

Ensuring optimal performance is one of the most important goals of IT professionals. And for DBAs, tuning and monitoring are often daily tasks. But there are many factors involved in properly optimizing, monitoring, and tuning databases and the applications that access them—too many to do the topic justice in a single column. Nevertheless, we can address the basics!

Even in today’s modern IT environment, performance management is often conducted reactively instead of proactively. You know the drill. A client calls with a response time problem. A table space maxes out on extents. A program is running without taking commits causing all kinds of locking problems. Somebody changed an application package without checking on the new access paths and transactions are slower than before. And then somebody submitted that “query from hell” again that just won’t stop running. Sound familiar? All too often DBAs are being asked to respond reactively to problems that could have been prevented, if only we implemented more proactive performance management steps. So, we must routinely and reactively put out the performance fires.

Yet management and consultants continue to promote the benefits of proactive management. And, of course, they are correct. Being proactive can reduce, or even eliminate many of the problems that DBAs deal with on a daily basis.

Many of the supposedly proactive steps taken against completed applications in production are mostly reactive. DBAs are often too busy taking care of day-to-day tactical tasks to be able to proactively monitor and tune their systems like …

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Why Are You Nonetheless Making PCBs?

Why Are You Nonetheless Making PCBs?

Few issues have had the have an effect on on electronics that printed circuit boards (PCBs) have had. Cheap purchaser electronics would now not be as cheap if someone still had to wire everything (besides the fact that children by using now we’d be seeing wiring robots, I’m sure). Between putting off the human from the wiring method and proposing many extraordinary electrical houses (at the least, on a neatly-designed board), it isn’t astounding that even the most cost-effective examples of electronics now use PCBs. Click here for more Low-cost PCB prototype.

For a long time, the hallmark of being a huge-time electronic hacker turned into the ability to make your own PCBs. There were many ways that individuals have tried to convey PCB manufacturing into the hacker’s garage: stick on decals, light-delicate blank PCBs, and even using laser printer toner (that last one spurred me to jot down a booklet on PCB layout many years lower back). You additionally see a lot of people the use of 3D printers or CNC mills to create PCBs. Infrequently a week goes through that a person doesn’t ask me a way to make a PCB in a house or small company lab.

My reaction is consistently: “Why?” lower back within the Eighties, I worked for an organization that had PCBs made and our board house become going out of enterprise. So we purchased them. That they had an array of plating machines, photoplotters, and exotic chemical coping with machine. They had been …

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