Protecting Your IP When an Employee Leaves

Protecting Your IP When an Employee Leaves

It is March, and while love celebrated on Valentine’s Day may be in the air for many, breakups are inevitable. In the case of a breakup between an employer and an employee, the departure of an employee with access or knowledge of the employer’s intellectual property (IP) can put the employer at risk for IP theft or exposure. Call the IP theft investigation if you need help. Disputes over IP ownership can have significant negative impact on a company’s value, growth potential, and reputation, even if the company ultimately comes out the victor. Therefore, it is critical to have a well-defined and consistent exit process for departing employees, regardless of whether the departure is amicable or contentious.

It’s Complicated: Ownership of IP can be complicated, so it is important for both sides to clearly demarcate ownership of IP both during the employment relationship and upon its termination. The remote work environment that many businesses are currently operating in raises additional complications, particularly in situations where the activities involved in creating, designing, inventing, or developing the IP took place using the departing employee’s own personal resources (technology, Wi-Fi, home, materials, etc.) as opposed to the employer’s resources. Most employment agreements in the IP space include clauses that explain what rights a person has to any creative ideas they’ve created while at work, and nearly all agreements in this space include a duty to assign work-related IP rights the employer.

Where applicable, identify the inventions that the exiting employee is listed on …

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The Benefits of a Cloud Business Telephone System

The Benefits of a Cloud Business Telephone System

Selecting the right cloud business telephone system is very important, and it depends on the business size, needs, and budget.

Business phone service providers systems have been around here for a long time. At a minimum, phone systems usually allow a business to have the main phone number with extensions to reach employees. Since phone systems became VoIP-based, enterprises have run their own by deploying telephony software on a connecting phone to the server over their IP network. For small or medium-sized business, running own phone system need IT overhead. To reduce this IT overhead, cloud phone system providers began hosting phone system software for firms to purchase over the Internet. Cloud phone systems free companies from IT overhead and offer several benefits.

The major benefit of selecting a cloud business telephone system over hosting their own is reducing the time and money invested in running a phone system. It is a lot like choosing a hosted email service instead of creating their own. Not only can firms skip purchasing the server to host the phone system, but firms can also avoid the time spent on upgrades and security. VoIP hacking is prevalent if firms are not careful with the phone system. VoIP hackers will take control of phone systems to make calls on the dime. Reputable cloud business telephone system providers are focused on performing a secure service, so firms don’t have to.

Cloud business telephone system providers provide administrative portals to make changes that can be done by …

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Difference between EAN and UPC CODES | Sell on AMAZON FBA

Difference between EAN and UPC CODES | Sell on AMAZON FBA

What is the difference between a UPC code and an EAN code? To do this, I invite you to see first of all the following video, which I recorded during our last trip to Venice. A little further down I leave you the complete transcript, in case you prefer to read the explanation, along with the place where you can acquire these codes for your products.

What are EAN and UPC codes?

Both the UPC code and the EAN code are normal barcodes, like those that are printed on all the products you use, have at home or shop.

To list a product on Amazon or to identify your own brand product you need to have an Amazon UPC codes or an EAN code.

But when do you use one or the other? Well, basically, barcodes with the UPC format have been used traditionally in the US and Canada, while barcodes with EAN format have been used in the rest of the world.

Today, most stores around the world accept barcodes in any format. However, there may be some older systems that only read one or the other.

This means that if your product will be sold in the US or Canada, the UPC barcode format is better, while if your product is international, or sold in a country other than the US or Canada, an EAN barcode is preferable. .

In addition, another difference is that the UPC code has 12 digits and the bars corresponding to those digits, …

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What is SEO And How Can I Improve The Organic Positioning of My Website?

What is SEO And How Can I Improve The Organic Positioning of My Website?

Do you know what SEO Positioning is and how important it is today on the Internet? Most likely you have already heard of this concept, although you may not fully understand the true meaning of this discipline. Before you read this article, you can check on this site

For this reason, as I am sure that, like myself, you are a regular user of Google (most likely, thanks to it, you have come this far).

And it is precisely to this search engine where most of us go today to find sites that respond to our informational or consumer needs.

What search engines do, in general terms, is index the content of different URL’s in their databases, and then list that information in their results in order of relevance (in relation to the intention of our search).

This is where SEO comes into play, through which we must make SEO and the other search engines our allies in the battle to enhance our online visibility and attract new quality visitors.

Taking into account these considerations, I will begin by revealing its definition:

What is SEO?

SEO, whose acronym is the English term “Search Engine Optimization”, is the set of techniques and strategies that are concerned with improving the organic visibility of a website in search engine results lists (SERPs).

Hence, in terms of denominations, it is also known by “Organic Positioning” or simply “Web Positioning”.

And, as I have told you in the previous definition of SEO, this …

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Freelancer’s Guide to Getting A Home Loan

Freelancer’s Guide to Getting A Home Loan

As of 2019, the number of freelancers working in Singapore has grown to 211,000 residents. As the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number is expected to rise sharply with the soft economic conditions and job shortages expected to continue throughout 2021.

Unfortunately, for most freelancers, home ownership is a tricky task to navigate. Home loans tend to be more favourably geared toward employed individuals who earn a regular, salaried income.

However, if you intend to take up freelancing as a long-term occupation, there are several things you should take note of before applying for a home loan from a bank. If you are diligent with declaring your income and contributing to Medisave, CPF and Income Tax, your choice to enter the gig community would not be one that you regret when it comes to buying your own home.

Establish a Realistic Property Ownership Timeline

Before you embark on applying for a loan, you need to ensure that you are in the best possible place to get it. If it has been a bad year for you financially, we suggest making sure that your earnings are back up for at least two years before you apply for a home loan (although most banks look at one year).

The good news is that because banks look at your IRAS Income Tax Notice of Assessment (NOA) and a 30% haircut is already taken on the variable income, banks don’t necessarily look at how “stable” your income is, or the exact consistency …

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