Difference between EAN and UPC CODES | Sell on AMAZON FBA

Difference between EAN and UPC CODES | Sell on AMAZON FBA

What is the difference between a UPC code and an EAN code? To do this, I invite you to see first of all the following video, which I recorded during our last trip to Venice. A little further down I leave you the complete transcript, in case you prefer to read the explanation, along with the place where you can acquire these codes for your products.

What are EAN and UPC codes?

Both the UPC code and the EAN code are normal barcodes, like those that are printed on all the products you use, have at home or shop.

To list a product on Amazon or to identify your own brand product you need to have an Amazon UPC codes or an EAN code.

But when do you use one or the other? Well, basically, barcodes with the UPC format have been used traditionally in the US and Canada, while barcodes with EAN format have been used in the rest of the world.

Today, most stores around the world accept barcodes in any format. However, there may be some older systems that only read one or the other.

This means that if your product will be sold in the US or Canada, the UPC barcode format is better, while if your product is international, or sold in a country other than the US or Canada, an EAN barcode is preferable. .

In addition, another difference is that the UPC code has 12 digits and the bars corresponding to those digits, …

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