Everything You Need To Know About Iphone 6 Charging Port Repair Service

People are in love with iPhones for the sleek design and posh feeling. Almost every second user carries an iPhone. Recently, it has come to the notice that iPhone 6 charging jack repair is a common issue that many iPhone users have encountered. We do understand the anxiety one can go through while dealing with it.

iPhone 6 with its many users is a great device to be used. However, just like all the devices, it is susceptible to damage and repairs. This can be a nightmare for the iPhone 6 users who deal with it. iPhones and other smartphones have become a necessity and we cannot spend a minute without them. As soon as we get a little free time from our busy schedule we start fidgeting with our phones. With so much addiction is it possible to give away the iPhone for repairs which may take quite a long time. But this has again become a thing of the past. With the service centers becoming more and more responsive; the time to repair the iPhone 6 has drastically come down.

Reasons for repairing iPhone 6 jack

There are many parts in an iPhone 6 that need repairs and the most common ones are the jack repairs. The jack is used for listening to music, speaking over the phone, and everything related to sounds. But if the jack is not working and needs repairs then it is going to be a long day until it gets repaired. You may need to visit the service center when you face any of the below issues.

  • iPhone 6 charging port is not responding even after multiple attempts. The number of attempts can be irritating when you don’t get the desired result.
  • iPhone 6 jack is sending the connection to just one of the headphones. The jack no receiving proper signal can stand on the way to clearer communication.
  • iPhone 6 jack loses connection while on the go. How annoying!

So now that you know about the reasons that you may need to visit the service center; take your pick and get an appointment to save some time from the long queues. Yes, you can get an appointment well in advance and visit the center on that time slot to get your iPhone 6 charging port repaired. This can be done on while you wait basis and may not take more than 30 minutes on a regular day. In case if the problem is still not resolved from a jack replacement; it may take some more time.


On a usual day, you may also walk into the service center to get your iPhone 6 repaired but may have to wait for a little longer. You may also send your damaged iPhone 6 via courier or mail service. This can be repaired and sent back on the same business day only if the courier or mail services are up and running. In such a case, you need to make a payment via bank or wire transfers. You may also use PayPal account for payments. All such repairs come with a 30-day warranty only if the product or the spare part is not damaged physically or by any water bodies. Any damage to the iPhone apart from the regular damage would not be repaired on while you wait basis.

All these repairs usually take time if you do not visit the right service center and may also need to visit them repeatedly due to lack of right repair services. So, ensure to go to the website and book an appointment for yourself to get your iPhone 6 repaired.