How Does HTTPS Help Businesses Gain Trust?

How Does HTTPS Help Businesses Gain Trust?
How Does HTTPS Help Businesses Gain Trust?

HyperText Transfer Protocol or HTTP is the protocol used over the internet for communication between the server and the user’s browser. It is a type of request-response protocol, where the user requests a website through his browser, and the response is generated by the host or the server. HTTPS or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is an upgrade over the HTTP. It uses an SSL certificate to make the communication between the server and the browser encrypted and more secured. HTTPS uses port 443, instead of port 80 used by HTTP for communication. Many web hosting providers offer an SSL certificate with their subscription plans.

How HTTPS benefits your business website?

  • Improved SEO rankingsGoogle’s algorithm favours a secured website over an unsecured one. Business with HTTPS-secured website would help you rank higher and bring in more traffic. More traffic converts to more sales and more sales would result in more loyal customers.
  • Browser labels– Many browsers show a grey information symbol to label an HTTP website is not secured. This could push away users as they may be at unease visiting your website.
  • Privacy and security– Since an https relies on encrypted communication, it would be difficult for hackers to decode the information. This is significant keeping in mind the users who share their personal information like credit card details.
  • AMP-enabled– Accelerated Mobile Pages is the version of a web page that loads at lightning speed on a mobile device. SSL certificate is a prerequisite for AMP pages. In fact, AMP plays a major role in Google’ SEO.
  • HTTPS is the future– It creates a safe environment not only for the users but also for the website owners. Being an upgrade, many of the business are switching to the secured protocol to be more relevant.


HTTPS is the more secure version of the protocol followed on the world wide web. With cyberattacks increasing rapidly over the years, it is vital for the business website to communicate with the server in an encrypted form. This would enable customers to feel at ease while visiting your website, and gaining their trust is vital for the conversion of leads into sales. Many web hosting providers include HTTPS in their hosting plans. Choosing an appropriate plan depends solely on your requirements.