New Technology in Our Life

New Technology in Our Life

We have surveyed how people today feel about new technology and its influence on people’s domestic lives. We gave 55 people today a questionnaire and received replies from all but 4 of them. Twenty-four of our respondents are teenagers and folks in their twenties, fifteen are in their thirties and middle-aged and the remainder are retired. The 4 persons who didn’t return their questionnaires are all within the thirty-plus age group.

We asked people today how numerous of the following examples of contemporary technology they possessed at the property – a laptop, a mobile phone, an answerphone, the net, a video camera, a microwave, a toaster, a DVD, a digital camera, a jacuzzi. We also asked them to add any other examples of modern-day technology which additionally they have got at residence. We then requested them to indicate just how much they employed every on the items of modern technology that they reported possessing. Finally, we asked folks to point out regardless of whether these things of modern-day technology had an optimistic or even a damaging effect on their lives. At this point in the questionnaire, we asked our respondents to add comments explaining how specifically an item of technology had affected their lives in either positive or negative ways.

All of our respondents have at least two on the products on our list with a microwave, a computer system, and DVD becoming the things most frequently possessed. Only certainly one of our respondents possesses a Jacuzzi. 3 of the respondents have all of the other things but the jacuzzi. The majority of the respondents added at the very least 1 other example of modern-day technology: these incorporated automatic washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric ovens, MP3 players. The younger the respondent, the more most likely they may be to work with each of the products they’ve accepted the DVD and the washing machine. These were most well-known in the over-thirties. Of each of the products of new technology we listed, the video camera was least often applied – only after or twice a month by the teenagers and hardly ever by older age groups.

When we asked people today no matter whether they felt that new technologies were affecting their lives in a positive or perhaps an adverse way, all the teenagers and 87% of the people inside the middle age group stated that they felt that the effects of new technologies have been generally optimistic. Sixty-three percent of the respondents felt that new technologies also have some unfavorable effects on their lives. One of the most frequent benefits of new technologies are (in order of frequency of mention):

1. Saving time;

2. Exciting;

3. Producing communications simpler;

4. Handy to utilize;

5. Educational.

The Adverse Effects Pointed Out Were:

1. Harms wellness;

2. The machines are constantly going wrong;

3. Utilizes an excessive amount of electrical energy;

4. Technology makes persons lazy;

5. Distracts from studying;

6. The machines are normally going wrong.

In Conclusion, new technology is possessing a significant impact on domestic life. For many folks, specifically young, these effects are constructive. Older people today, even though they use technology only marginally much less than young people today do find it tougher to adapt to it and are more probably to see the complications in our dependence on it than are teenagers.