Observing the Lack of Interest in Women in the World Plunge in the World of Technology

Stereotype or not, the fact is there are still many women in the world who are reluctant to choose the profession as a developer, programmer, and other IT jobs. Various reasons then emerged, ranging from difficulty to learn, not working systematically, the fear to know more about the technology and much more. No wonder of course when today more men dominate the work in the field of IT, than women.

Looking at this fact, some technology and startup companies then began to expand their choice by looking for female developers in the world, the result is very disappointing, based on the experience there is still very little interest and enthusiasm that existed from among women. Read also : enterprise mobile apps development

I then became wondering, actually not a difficult opportunity to be gained by women in terms of technology, but the lack of interest and the desire of women to plunge in the technology world that causes.

To answer these problems, one by one container and communities that aim to spawn more developers and female programmers began to emerge. Starting from Female Dev, Girls in Tech, Female Geek and many more. Many activities offered, such as workshops, training to mentoring are all done to create more female developers and programmers in the country.

Although women are beginning to appear, entrepreneurs who try to make startups, most of them still use third parties to create a product, app or hire a male developer or programmer to make the job easier. read more our newest article

Instill desire and learning early on

In several meetings, I talked with entrepreneurs to female developers in the country, most of whom began to try to learn about programming and others when recommended by the closest people. Only a small number of women in the world who voluntarily liked and then tried to become a developer and programmer.

Angel investor and female entrepreneur series Grace Tahir said:

“One of the obstacles why there are still few women who are interested in technology is the least exposure to recognition associated with the existence and success that has been achieved by women. For that, it is important not only for me but other female entrepreneurs to be able to perform more often and certainly stand out to be able to raise the younger female spirit of the world. “

It certainly becomes a less fun thing when parents now have to force their daughters to try to become developers or programmers and learn more about this one science.

Ideally, all desires must be based on self, so passion and love grow naturally. But do not want to seem desperate, the way it turns out the only option that can be applied by parents today.

By 2017 this should have been a growing number of women who emerged as a developer, programmer, and others, but the reality seems still difficult to materialize with the facts. The toughest challenge today for stakeholders is how to create an opportunity that is not only fun but also rewarding and ultimately desirable for a women in the world.