Newsletter Writing Service

Newsletters are arguably the most important marketing tool with 89% of organisations using e-mail as their primary medium.

61% of customers appreciate a weekly promotional e-mail and 28% would be happy to receive newsletters more than once a week.95% of them find these communications useful.

If your operation doesn’t reach out confidently and maintain a relationship with customers via an e-mail mailing list you are neglecting a key areaand missing out on the considerable rewards that e-mail newsletters deliver.

An e-mail newsletter is not a standard e-mail sent to anyone and everyone, normally to be ignored or relegated to the spam folder.E-mail newsletters exist on a more attractive and relevant level. From the by-line to headings to logo’s and graphics to powerful language, they build brand awareness and engage.

It may be that you are launching a fresh e-mail marketing campaign, wish to promote a product or service and draw clients in to a sales conversation or negotiation.

The people on an e-mail marketing list are already interested, you simply need to garner the power of effective newsletter writing service providers to optimise its potential. Take readers curiosity, maintain it and convert it in to sales and ultimately profits.

You don’t have time to write? No problem

In a marketing department, there are many tasks to be addressed and all of them demand time; there are only a limited number of hours in each day so the probability is that a staff member will create a newsletter quickly and e-mail it hoping that it achieves the business aims.

In-house newsletter writing may appear to be a more economic avenue but frequently, non-professional writers can’t realise their vision of a newsletter’s potential to enjoy an excellent return on investment. They don’t have the experience or writing talent of professional newsletter writing service providers.

  • Is the newsletter for a specific interest group e.g. IT or HR?
  • Will it captivate, secure interest and loyalty?
  • Can the newsletter enhance your reputation as an industry leader?
  • Will it increase conversion rates and maximise the return on investment?

Yes, if you hire a proven and respected newsletter writing service provider like Connotations who can turn your ideas and goals in to strong marketingpieces. Cost effective, excellent return on investment, efficiently and professionally produced newsletters speak to customers in a manner they can relate to and feature a call to action.

The content is key to success

Specialists in newsletter writing services know how to engage readers and they comprehend the power of using the right words at the best times in newsletters to encourage people to learn more and sign on the proverbial dotted line.

Passive content and rambling prose will fail to hit the mark and there is a subtle difference between assertive and confident content and ugly hard selling. A professional newsletter writing service provider uses the appropriate tones.

Don’t struggle to achieve e-mail marketing via newsletters. Exceptional quality content is available from industry leaders including Connotations. Why not contact them today to learn more about ways in which they can help with newsletter content writing services?


What is a copywriter?

According to a copywriter is:

A professional who composes headings, sub-headings, and body copy of advertisements, brochures, catalogues, direct mail offers, product literature etc.  

A professional copywriter is a strong asset to any business.Via words they create the need to act in a reader; to make a positive decision, a purchase or sign up to a service. Copy drives traffic and converts views in to business.

In a world that is increasingly dominated by digital media, the word advertisements can be applied to online copy. This requires a different approach than blog or article creation which don’t always feature a call to action.

Website copywriting for optimum results

Using professional and experienced copywriters through firms including Connotations guarantees that the person tasked with writing is proficient in the various areas of website copywriting:

  • Landing Pages – The landing page should arrest attention and they often feature promotions, specific focus’ and highlight what’s new.
  • Targeted Adverts – Advertising copy can work miracles when it’s provided by professional copywriters. Utilising a skilled copywriters experience and knowledge is a wise investment that delivers.
  • Product Descriptions – This a commonform of copywriting.
  • Product Reviews – This kind of writing is classedas copywriting because the core purpose is sales.
  • Promotional Copy – A copywriter approaches this in a similar way to an article or blog but at its core lies sales. It’s often a short piece describing how a product or service will positively impact on the user’s life or experiences.

The benefits of using an experienced copywriter 

  • A copywriter comprehends exactly what is required to deliver results.
  • Enjoy higher search engine rankings. Establishing and using effective keywords, SEO techniques and engaging content boosts visibility online.
  • Gain an enhanced reputation. Professional, attractive and motivating copy aids business and brand awareness.
  • Tangible results via increased conversion rates.
  • Realise an outstanding return on investment.
  • You can concentrate on other core business tasks.

A copywriter’s process

Reputable firms including Connotations have copywriters who research thoroughly so that each item of copy is exceptional, relevant and effective.

Copy creation works in line with your corporate identity and tone.

Attention is paid to outlining the copy, from pages to information and goals.

Drafts are then created, these are seldom perfect at the first attempt. They clarify thoughts and are the base for revisions which are made until the copy is as good as it possibly can be.

The copy is tested. Clients are asked for their views and suggestions and where necessary, a further revision period commences. This may be a case of copy issues or sometimes a poor online marketing plan from the client. Professional copywriters appreciate that revisions are essential for optimum copy performance.

The finished product often looks very different to the first draft but it is powerful, professional and captivating.

Vitally, professional copywriters achieve the client’s goals without betraying the fact that an in-house industry trained staff member wasn’t the author.

Place your trust and copy requirements in the hands of experts, you’ll be delighted with the results.