5 Reasons for the Over Consumption of the Technology in 2021

5 Reasons for the Over Consumption of the Technology in 2021

Technology is a very broad term. It covers among others; industrial, education, construction, aerospace, electronics, information technology, and many more.

We have been able to integrate most of the above into our daily lives.

We rely on electronic technology nearly every day in our homes. We are also dependent on information technology to communicate with our friends, colleagues, and family.

When you look at it closely the internet stands out because of its huge consumption.

However, can we truly say that there is an overconsumption of the internet? Well, let’s find out. This article discusses all the reasons why there is the overconsumption of this form of technology.

1.  Makes work easier

The main reason you will find a lot of people embracing technology is that it makes work easier.

You have probably come across some of these smart homes online where everything in the house from the door to the garage can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.

Technology has advanced how we live our lives. Sooner or later we will have houses that think for themselves.

With a fast internet connection, you can even use your smartphone or your tablet to control almost every appliance in the home.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home to a more tech-integrated space, you can find some of these companies online.

However, don’t just jump on the first advertisement you see.

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2.  Rapid rewards

The fastest way to make your day by laughing your lungs out on a long boring office day is on your phone.

If most of us are given a choice, we would rather sit at home and entertain ourselves instead of working or studying. But because working is an important aspect of living we have no choice but to work.

The habit of relying on the internet for short entertainment has led to a lot of distractions and the unproductivity of students and employees.

It is even worse when you’re relying on the internet to do office work. However, having all this in one place is challenging. You’ll have to gather some resilience within you to avoid distractions.

3.  Idleness and boredom

Another reason why people are overusing the internet today is because of idleness. Technology has made it easier for people to finish their work very fast and get more time to spend doing nothing.

The coronavirus pandemic is another cause of boredom because many people are stuck at home and having nothing to attend to.

The habit of relying on technology to do most of our daily tasks has also contributed to many people being lazy.

We then turn to all forms of digital entertainment which automatically leads to overreliance.

4.  It is cheap/free

Compared to the price of technology 15-20 years ago we can say that it has become significantly cheaper.

Advancements in technology have led to many tech gadgets reducing prices by over 60% from and the first came in the market.

Its affordability has led to many people relying on technology.

Digital entertainment companies and after bringing in more people to view their content and in doing this they often charge nothing.

5.  It’s an addiction

We finally have to call it what it is, an addiction. In the UK alone an average internet user spends about four hours on the internet every day.

If the least user spends 1 hour a day that would mean the highest user spends about 7 hours per day.

From the statistics, you can already tell that it is an addiction and the statistics keep rising each day.

Addiction in itself is not a good thing. There are escalating negative impacts of technology due to addiction.

Children and young teenagers are exposed to a lot more than their level of maturity could handle.

Of course, there ways to prevent tech addiction like;

  • Reducing the use of social media
  • Engaging in outdoor activities
  • Taking on projects to divert your attention from what is going on around the world.
  • Reading a lot more


Technology is not at all bad. In fact, it is one of the greatest inventions that ever came around. Isn’t it nice to communicate with your family all across the world in a matter of seconds?

However, when we overdo it by over-relying, it might end up costing us a lot more. in terms of our physical and mental health. Always be mindful of how you consume technology.