What is Managed VPS Hosting and Who Should Opt for It?

What is Managed VPS Hosting and Who Should Opt for It?

The first and most important consideration when hosting a website is the choice of the hosting type. Starting with the most economical Shared Hosting solution and advancing towards Dedicated or Cloud Hosting, website owners have a plethora of choices. Apparently, for the majority of the startup owners or the first-timers, Shared Hosting seems the ideal fit. However, when the needs exceed the services offered by Shared Hosting, website owners look for an alternative, and the first option that pops up is the VPS Hosting. 

What is VPS Hosting? 

VPS or the Virtual Private Server Hosting is the economical version of Dedicated Hosting. It has a single physical server that is virtually segmented into multiple servers, and these are then allocated to respective users. In simple terms, VPS Hosting is a mix of Shared and Dedicated Hosting. However, unlike Shared Hosting, the server space isn’t ideally shared but compartmentalized to be virtually given to users who work in total isolation. The resources are dedicatedly allotted, and users enjoy seamless scalability and root access with VPS Hosting.

There are two types of VPS Hosting

  1. Managed VPS Hosting
  2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Though each has its own share of pros and cons, it is the Managed Hosting that dominates the user segment. 

What is Managed VPS Hosting? 

Managed VPS Hosting follows the same ideology as that of VPS Hosting with the added benefit of receiving support and assistance from the service provider. With Managed Hosting, the website owner need not worry about installing or setting up the server as it comes prefixed. Further, all of the updates and modifications are executed by the technical staff of the service provider. 

Additionally, with Managed VPS Hosting, the service providers give immense importance to the security of the website, regularly assessing the infrastructure against all the odds of security. Managed VPS Hosting provides full root access to the servers along with the ease to seek technical assistance from the providers, in case they fail to control the server. All in all, Managed VPS Hosting is the one-stop-shop-solution for all the hosting needs. 

Who Should Opt For Managed VPS Hosting?

One question that arises here is who all would benefit from Managed VPS Hosting plans? 

  1. While anyone can start with the VPS Hosting solution, yet the small-sized organizations and the startup websites that have outcasted the Shared Hosting services, upgrade to VPS Hosting. 
  2. Further, the ones that do not have the technical knowledge required to perform the backend task of running or maintaining the server must opt for Managed VPS Hosting solutions. 
  3. Website owners that consider security to be the topmost concern find Managed VPS Hosting an ideal place to invest, as all server security aspects are taken care of by the provider. 
  4. The entrepreneurs who wish to host their website on a Dedicated Server, with a dedicated allocation of resources, but are limited in terms of money migrate to Managed VPS Hosting plans. 
  5. Apart from the above, the first-time website owners or the business people who want resources more than Shared Hosting, along with controlled server setup, prefer Managed VPS Hosting solutions over others. 

Final Word 

Now that the question as to who should invest in VPS Hosting plans is clear, we recommend carefully assessing the different Managed VPS Hosting plans, prior to making a purchase. Even though the core of each plan would be the same, the feature and functionality offered in total might differ, hence the need to select smartly.