Why You Should Consider Getting A Windows VPS Hosting for Your Website

Deciding which hosting plan you are going to choose is often a long and arduous process. Even if you know how you will maximise your web hosting service, you need to consider certain factors in your decision. First, your goals need to be clear. Do you want more traffic? An improved online presence? Next, you will have to evaluate your most recent analytics and analyse the current state of your web presence. You should also take into account the kind of content that you are already publishing and the amount of traffic it is getting you on a daily basis.

Shared hosting is perfect if you are just starting out, assuming that other accounts will not take too much of your hardware server power. On the other hand, if you are publishing rich content to many users, a dedicated server is advised. While some web owners stop at these two, there is this option you can consider — it is called the Windows VPS.

What is Windows VPS?

To understand how Windows VPS works, we need to know how web hosting services are offered in the first place. Setting up a dedicated server means having enough power, cooling, and data center rack space in a web hosting provider’s hardware. This is why dedicated server hosting is the more expensive choice. For this reason, the shared web hosting is their attempt to provide web hosting solutions. Providers will give users individual allocations of disk space, allowing them to use only a small section of the whole hardware server. But this means that if a user is overusing the hardware system, all the other websites will suffer.

A Windows VPS hosting is a mix of shared web hosting and a dedicated server. This plan will divide a hardware server into smaller virtual machines using a technology that makes an entire operating system to be virtualised. Each virtual server is separate from the other virtual machines, which means they have their own system allocation. So each virtual server has a fixed processor power, RAM, and disk space. This will ensure that websites that have the windows VPS have consistent performance. If your web presence increases — which means you will need more system resources — you can easily upgrade your hosting plan.

Key features of the VPS

Stable performance

The performance of a shared hardware server depends on the traffic and the activities of other users. With a VPS, you will not be affected if any of the other VPS users increased their traffic and activity. Your website’s operation will continue working reliably.

Cost efficient

Basically, VPS allows you to get hardware power that is similar to a dedicated server with costs as low as that of a shared server.

Faster load times

Because your website is running on its own allocation of resources, your website will load faster even if you are sharing the hardware server with other VPS customers.

Compatible with existing Microsoft software

Obviously, the Windows VPS is compatible with Microsoft software such as ASP and ASP.NET for web development and SQL and Access so you can manage your databases easily.

So when you are deciding on a web hosting plan, consider Windows VPS. Now that you know you can get the best of both a shared server and a dedicated server with the Windows VPS, this is definitely the hosting option for you.