Emerging Technology: Processor Boundaries Breached

Emerging Technology: Processor Boundaries Breached

When we compare the microprocessors that are used on laptops and smartphones to the insanely fast core processors of desktops, the desktops would always sweep the competition. Apart from being somewhat more rapidly in comparison with microprocessors, the core processors can handle multi-tasking and heavily loaded applications that we run on our desktops.

But there is an emerging technology that will give a promising outcome of nearing the gap among micro and core processors. In a report of communications breakthrough, a team of scientists in the University of Pittsburgh claimed to a successful generation of a new frequency comb, which entails dividing a single color of light into a series of evenly spaced spectral lines for a variety of uses, that spans more than 100 terahertz (THz, or 1 trillion cycles per second) bandwidth (ZDNet).

Terahertz has never been reached and applied to any processors that we have on the market, and if this will be applied to future laptops and smartphones the new technology can make them 1000x faster. This can certainly complete the mobile solutions that we want to have on our devices.

Emerging technology: introducing the new 3D printer

3D scans can now be printed in a matter of seconds using a new technique, known as two-photon lithography, which was developed by researchers at the Vienna University of Technology.

Professor Jurgen Stampfl, a professor from the Institute of Materials Science and Technology at the TU Vienna said the technique until now, used to be quite slow. With this improvement, the scientists that spearheaded the study are now creating the two-photon lithography to become utilized for healthcare applications. As with the moment, they are also generating improvements to use the 3D printer and its technology to become applied inside the creation of tailor-made elements for nanotechnology or biomedical technology.

The nano printer is working with a liquid resin that is certainly placed on the ideal spots by the usage of a focused laser beam.  With the help of movable mirrors, the point of the laser beam is guided as it goes through the resin leaving a trail of a solid polymer. The result is a small sculpture measuring just about hundreds of micrometers in length. But it is very detailed, and with a printing speed of a few meters in just 5 seconds it’s an improvement by leaps and bounds.

Five Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

Science fiction has always been big in the movies, but no science fiction writer and visionary showed us what the future is actually like today. If you watch old Sci-Fi movies, we get glimpses of Space Travel, strange viruses, and technologically advanced societies,- but no science fiction writer and visionary has truly shown the future as it is now.

Today as we look at the future, we do not have to dream and guess what the future could be like, as certain trends already have been started.

–          Technology Driven

Wealth today has been built on technology, was a simple idea like Facebook could make the Founder a multi-millionaire. Technology has always driven the future, so if we look at the technology we use today, and how it could evolve then we can have a close vision of the future.

–          Service Industries

The Green Economy, and the reality that traditional Industries are now permanently relocated in an Industrialized East, simply means we may need to develop a service-driven economy. We can see examples of this in everyday life, for example, home delivery services, or one-stop bill paying centers.

–          Knowledge Society

In a world were you can access knowledge in a few seconds, we are seeing a growth in people selling knowledge. This is naturally expanding through the use of blogs, wiki’s, and knowledge-based websites. This is creating a knowledge-based society, one was the traditional monopoly on knowledge- Newspapers, Publishers, TV Stations, and Governments are breaking down with this change.

–          Alternative Energies

The simple reality of a rising population and a newly emerging industrialized East means the resources we have do have a limited lifespan. The only way forward for many countries is to create alternative energies, as these resources become more scarce and costly to purchase. This trend has started already, as we are encouraged to use solar energy.

–          Rapid Communication

Today we can have contact with someone, anywhere in the world through our computers or mobile phone. This is an irreversible trend, where communications are growing faster, and more user friendly. We are already becoming a rapid communication society.

You cannot fight the future, only embrace it, and create a future by seeing the trends and adjusting to them. It may mean studying for a career that is related to an industry with a future, retraining for a job that these trends should create, or simply developing a business strategy around these trends.