Team Building: How to Build a Solid Team

Team Building: How to Build a Solid Team
Team Building: How to Build a Solid Team

In a group, community, organization, or a larger scope such as an agency or company, these two words may already be familiar. ‘Team Building’ often used when there is a certain activity carried out together or in groups.

Team Building is an activity to develop a group or teamwork in a company and organization. The team or group itself is a group of people consisting of 2 or more people who have the same goals. In management, teamwork is considered to provide more effective results than individual work. Therefore certain methods are needed to build solidarity in achieving goals or completing work.

In corporate activities Sydneythe way to build a team is involved their employees or members in activities that include team-building activities, such as outbound. Outbound activities are considered as effective and easily understood learning media for employees or members.

There are many kinds of team building games, 6 of which are:

Ice Breaking

Team Building: How to Build a Solid Team

This game is well known in the world of training (training), outbound, workshops and such, consists of proclaiming the commitment of activities (goal setting), group division, as well as group solidity. As the name suggests, which means ice-breaker, this game is useful for relieving participants’ tensions. The goal is to stimulate enthusiasm (warm-up) for participants, to be ready to follow all the next activities. Ice-breaking is usually filled with a few games that invite laughter, but still, need participants to concentrate on following the instructions of the instructor.

Spider Web

Team Building: How to Build a Solid Team

This type of strategic game is useful to increase the innovation and creativity of the team in achieving the target, as well as to teach discipline to each participant – due to several rules in it. In Spider Web, each participant must move from one side to another by passing a gap in a giant spider web. The transfer was carried out with the help of another colleague. During the game, the participants must not go through the net holes that have been passed, the body and clothing should not touch the rope, pole or tree where the rope is tied, and are not allowed to jump.

Looking for golden ball

A useful game that fosters mutual trust with friends and increases the team’s solidity, using many colorful balls placed in a rectangular arena and bounded by ropes. Some participants in each group were blindfolded and followed instructions to pick up a ball of a certain color. While other friends move the location of the ball to be taken. The instructor’s firmness is needed so that the participants can play sportives because this game is prone to cheating. Participants who are blindfolded can peek from behind the blindfold to pick up the instructed ball.

Water tower

In the water tower game, each group is asked to sleep on the sand by uniting both legs raised straight up, forming a single point. On their feet lay a large bucket. After the bucket is filled with water and some balls, participants must take the balls back one by one by hand. When the ball is up, the bucket must be brought back down, without spilling. This game trains concentration and teamwork to maintain leg strength so that the bucket containing water stays in position.