Why Referrals From Friends Are Still Key In The Digital World

Why Referrals From Friends Are Still Key In The Digital World

I had no experience in the world of digital marketing, I immediately set out to investigate this by interviewing brand managers, agencies, among other experts in order to get an idea of how the market works.

I immediately realized something strange. No one seemed able or willing to explain what the real return on their investment was in their digital marketing campaigns. I got confusing responses about engagement rate, reach, sentiment, and so on, and it all made even less sense when it came to “display” or “banner” type ads, read this menestystarinat.fi. Display is an online advertising format in which ads are displayed as banners on landing pages.

If, hypothetically, you spent 20 thousand pesos on ads of this type on Facebook or Google , what would be the real and measurable impact in terms of number of sales or number of customers acquired? I could never get a direct answer. So I started researching the available statistics, not by company, but by industry in general. The results I found and the conclusion they point to are quite shocking.

Could it be that the vast majority of money spent on digital marketing has NO measurable effect? A crazy statement, but stay with me. I’m not talking about ALL of the marketing, just the nearly $ 60 billion spent on paid display ads around the world, according to Statista.

Let’s consider the following: For every 1,000 banners presented, SIX of them receive clicks (= 0.6%). 60 percent of THOSE …

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