The Benefits of Distance Learning

The Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning (also called blended learning) describes learning that takes place outside the classroom where the teacher and students are physically present. Many students who attend college through distance learning also take many of the same classes on campus, though they often use many internet resources and other course material at home. This type of learning allows the student to gain knowledge in the same way a traditional student would, by attending lectures, discussions, seminars, and other types of educational experiences. Although distance learning can be a beneficial way to study, there are some benefits that you should know about before enrolling in any classes.

The Distinction between synchronous and independent learning

When distance learning, many people become confused about the distinction between synchronous learning and independent learning. They worry that if they aren’t closely involved in the lessons that they are completing, they will not understand what is happening or feel like their work doesn’t have value. However, both synchronous and independent learning can be equally beneficial. Synchronous learning involves a set of instructions from a teacher that instruct the student on what to do for each lesson. For example, you may be completing an assignment while participating in a discussion on a certain topic, which helps you understand the instructions. Independent learning is doing your assignments; it is your job to figure out how to best complete them.

People who do not live close to the instructor or who are self-studying sometimes find that distance learning offers them …

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