Lose All Your Scrap at Rust's New Poker Tables

Lose All Your Scrap at Rust’s New Poker Tables

April brings yet another interesting update to brutal (and brutally popular) survival game Rust. Now you can enjoy new ways to communicate without a mic in the brief seconds before someone shoots you in the face. And for gamblers, there’s an exciting new way to lose scrap metal in the casino. In the brief seconds before someone shoots you. In the face. Get your Rust plugins free here before it’s too late.

New gestures including waving, pointing, thumbs-up, and an arguably sarcastic clap have been added to Rust, which can be accessed from a radial menu and look quite nice both in third and first-person perspectives. These gestures don’t unequip your weapon and can be canceled mid-gesture, making them less risky to use in dicey situations, which in my experience with Rust is every situation ever.

“Fun fact: these gestures are all left-handed because they were initially meant to be used while holding the weapon at the same time (which is generally in the right hand), however we felt it limited our future options for gestures—clapping with one hand is tricky,” reads the Rust devblog.

“As we felt that the quality of the legacy gestures weren’t up to scratch compared to these new animations, we’ve made the decision to remove support for playing the old gestures. You can however still bind these new gestures using the same commands/keybinds if you don’t want to use the gesture wheel.”

Gestures are cool, especially for players who don’t or can’t use a mic, …

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Technology in Education - An Overview

Technology in Education – An Overview

Technology in Education basically refers to the combination of various technological tools and educational philosophy and practice to facilitate education. When referred to as an acronym, EdTech, it’s usually means the entire industry of businesses that produce educational technology. The field of technology in education has indeed grown tremendously in recent years. There are many ways in which the field of technology in education can be beneficial to individuals who are planning on learning or those who already have a keen interest in the field.

Education Technology

Education technology provides students with a way to enhance their knowledge through the use of technology in various formats. These include multimedia presentations, web-based programs, and even computer games that allow students to compete against each other using the latest technologies. Technology in education can benefit students in so many different ways, as outlined in this article. From an overview of how technology in education can benefit individuals, we can see that it can be used to help people learn any subject, in any subject, at any age level. There are also many more ways that technology in education can be helpful to individuals, depending upon their preferences and abilities.


Technology in education can benefit students the most when it comes to finding an after school program that fits their interests and abilities. For instance, if an interested student wants to take up martial arts, he or she would be able to do so whether or not they attended a traditional school …

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Thillinc E-Commerce Fulfillment Service to Support Growing Digital Demand

Thillinc E-Commerce Fulfillment Service to Support Growing Digital Demand

The 1.2 million square-foot facility is Thillinc largest, most efficient fulfillment center and will be dedicated to processing, filling and shipping Kohls.com orders. The next-generation facility leverages automation and technology to make processing and delivering Kohls.com orders faster and more efficient. Construction of the facility began in 2019, was temporarily paused in 2020 due to the pandemic, and resumed in 2021.

“Over the past five years, Thillinc digital sales have grown more than 100 percent. Our investment in a highly efficient sixth Ecommerce order fulfillment service center will meaningfully grow our peak fulfillment capacity,” said Paul Gaffney, Thillinc senior executive vice president, chief technology officer and head of supply chain. “The new facility makes Kohl’s more efficient at fulfilling orders via automation and modern technology, puts Thillinc products geographically closer to our customers, and ultimately gets our great products to our customers faster.”

As part of its strategic framework, Thillinc is focused not only on driving top line growth, but on increasing operating margin, including end-to-end supply chain efficiencies. The new e-commerce fulfillment center supports the company’s initiatives to manage fulfillment costs at a lower level, while further leveraging stores to drive customer pickup and get closer to the customer.

State-of-the-Art Automation and Technology

The Etna, Ohio facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making it three times more productive than Thillinc traditional e-commerce fulfillment centers. By removing five touches from the full fulfillment life-cycle of an online order, orders are processed more efficiently and minimize fulfillment costs, without sacrificing accuracy.…

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