3 Best Ways to Hire Dedicated Android App Developer for Your Startup

Did you know that the processes followed by startups during the initial stages of their growth have a huge impact on their structure and performance through later stages? This was highlighted in a study named Startup Companies: Life Cycle and Challenges published by Research Gate. Despite this, startups often struggle to create robust processes, incorporate industry best practices in their business and streamline activities to facilitate smooth coordination and communication.

The one thing that can help startups tackle such issues and emerge victoriously is the extensive use of customized enterprise apps. However, most startups don’t have the resources to hire an Android app developer or have an experienced company create a customized mobility solution. Less than 25% of small businesses have a mobile app and only 27% plan to build one in the near future, says a survey titled Mobile Apps and Small Businesses.

So, how does a startup break this cycle? Should a startup undertake the expense of having dedicated Android app developers on board? Will startups continue to be deprived of all the cost and process benefits that the mobility revolution promises? Should startups settle for mobile apps that are inherently focused on larger businesses?

Here are some tips for startups to ensure they can benefit from a robust mobility solution without busting their budget.

Do Adequate Research

Don’t just hire dedicated Android app developers because it sounds good. Determine your need for a mobility solution. Make a list of all the problems that the app would solve for your business and the results you expect it to achieve. Knowing the final goals would help you decide on the features needed. Also, prioritize the goals, so you can make trade-offs if the need arises.

Choice of Platform

While it’s understandable to want your app to be compatible with every OS out there, it’s best to begin with one operating system. Once this has been successfully deployed, you may consider the others. It may be a good idea, to begin with, Android, since this is the most popular one, running on eight out of ten devices, according to figures released by Statista.

Outsource Rather Than Hire a Dedicated Android App Developer

There are several benefits of outsourcing your Android application development needs. To begin with, your firm doesn’t need to make the long-term commitment that comes when you hire a dedicated Android app developer. You don’t need to bear the cost of screening, interviewing, hiring and onboarding them.

Outsourcing also saves you from the associated expenses of setting up processes of training and managing a separate vertical. What you need is a Android application development company that will work with you as a strategic partner. Such a company would offer highly experienced Android app developers for hire, while also having a team of UX (user experience), designing and testing experts, who can contribute immensely to making your app fully functional as well as highly engaging. All these aspects play a key role in boosting app adoption and underlining the success of your mobility strategy.

Opt for a MADP

Worried about how much it would cost to hire an Android app programmer? Stop right there. Instead, look for a professional company that offers app development on a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP). Such a platform would be powered by reusable components that can be readily used to create various features of your app.

Developing your app from scratch can be extremely expensive, given that there are better solutions available. A MADP would also reduce the time taken to create your app, making it ready for deployment in your businesses within a couple of weeks.

Provided you use a MADP offered by an experienced company, the reusable components would have already been thoroughly tested and would have no bugs. So, you don’t need to waste time in testing and can avoid the frustrations associated with bug fixing. Ensure that the company you choose has incorporated industry best practices in their MADP.

Technological advancements have ensured the availability of more innovative options than to simply hire a dedicated Android app developer. Such options can be used by startups to reduce their cost and time of Android application development; and get ahead of their game.