5 Tips for uploading your sessions to Soundcloud

With the irruption of the Cloud, and consequently of the music in streaming, at the moment it is practically impossible for the DJs to exchange demos, sessions or any other sound material of physical way. Those dozens or hundreds (depending on the interest of each) of CDs and even Cassettes with sessions recorded in an artisan way, when there was no blessed or damn word called Sync, is a pleasant memory in the memory of some and a scene that very Few current DJs can even imagine. Hence, I have decided to write this post, which aims to help all those who do not yet have an account in Soundcloud or any other service of hosting audio files and for those who already have the best way to reach Potential customers. It should be clarified that the boards are focused on Soundcloud, being the most popular platform, but can be applied to any other service with similar characteristics.

  1. Import quality not quantity:

You do not have to upload your sessions since you started to puncture with 15 years until today, that is to say it is not the amount of music that you can publish. But if you have the same quality, your potential followers will only appreciate the quality of your sessions. Buy real spotify followers is more effective to increase your followers. Any other factor will weigh less than this and I assure you that the amount of music will never supply the quality. Focus on giving the best of you, if you have recorded the session three times and still do not mix well the last track, keep trying until the session is perfect. Needless to say, you should choose the best songs and do not put anything filler, echo this very common among beginners.

  1. Your sessions should never exceed 60 minutes:

This advice has a lot to do with the previous point, condense your session so that it does not exceed 60 minutes. More than an hour can bore your listeners, to that we must add that generally from that hour, we tend to prick everything that we have at hand. In addition, facing two hours of session, already throws back many, and that will subtract potential listeners. By all is known, that when we sail we tend to consume a lot of content, and we like to go from one place to another, and it is not the same to focus on a set of 45 minutes that another one of 90, generally the first one will have many more chances of be heard than the second. In the case of Soundcloud, most of your plans, except the most expensive ones, have a time limit for uploading your sessions, so it is more profitable to upload two sessions of one hour than a set of two hours.

  1. Beware of the quality of the MP3 that you upload:

This point that for many can be left, is very important for the DJs that are starting. Do not ever post a file below 192 Kbps. That should be your minimum quality level but you want to risk making a fool of yourself. For very good music that contains your session, if it is not well recorded, people will stop listening to it during the first few minutes. Keep in mind that Soundcloud does not take into account the size of the file you publish, the higher the quality of the sound the bigger the final file size, but the duration of the file. You will know that most professional DJs only work with MP3s with a quality of 320 Kbps and even some with WAV files, which have no loss in the resulting sound quality.

  1. Buy a Pro account at Soundcloud:

Actually this advice should be the first, but I have put it in the fourth place because I do not want anyone to think I have any business relationship with the German company. The reason for this positioning is that the free Soundcloud accounts only allow to upload up to two hours of music, that translated into sessions can be two sets maximum. This serious problem will prevent a continuity in your sessions, that is, the followers that accumulate usually visit your profile the first time they know you, and it is a sign of being unprofessional not having a payment account and not be able to listen to old sessions that make your followers think that yours is a continuous and quality work. Soundcloud needs followers, here is the website for you to buy real soundcloud favorites. On the other hand, Soundcloud payment accounts are very expensive, the cheapest will be for € 29 a year and the most expensive for € 437 a year, so it is important that you analyze if you are really going to take advantage of the investment, post That if at the end of the year you only go up two sessions it is better that you stay with the free account. To all of the above you have to add the advantage of having a more complete follow up to the statistics of your sessions, knowing at all times who have listened to them, which are the most liked, how many times they have downloaded, etc.

  1. Fill in your session data correctly:

Soundcloud allows you to add a lot of data to your session, from BPM to music style or image. This information will then be reflected in the session and will allow your potential followers to find you through the powerful search engine that Soundcloud has. The more data you provide, the more likely you are to find others. All this information can serve as a filter, that is, if your style is the Tech House, when you publish your session will appear in the top right of the published file, if you click on it you can access all the music that has been published with those Same words, so it will be easier to find music of that same style. Special attention you must have with the tags, which are the different words with which your sessions can be found.