A Guide For The Perfect Spotify Promotion

A Guide For The Perfect Spotify Promotion
A Guide For The Perfect Spotify Promotion

What is Spotify?

For all of the music lovers out there, Spotify is the perfect platform to improvise the overall music listening and downloading experience. Developed by a Swedish based company Spotify Technology S.A, this music streaming platform provides DRM-protected content from its various record labels and partner media companies. It is a freemium service that is currently available in 78 nations and has the basic features that can be upgraded via certainly paid subscriptions. A perfect forum for budding artists to promote them composes, this article details on the perfect spotify promotion and how can they grow up their audience.

The pre-requisites

Before moving on with the idea of the promotion, there are certain pre-requisites that need to be followed, which include the following: –

  • The opening of a paid Spotify account that can unlock various new features which would aid further in the long course of playlist promotion
  • Embedding of a follow button on the profile page of Spotify so as to enable the listeners to become followers and enjoy the music. This can be done via a few simple lines of code.
  • Providing with the basic details on the music compose like the genre, run-time, track details etc. so as to categorise it in the various features of the app like Release Radar Playlist, Featured music and personalised emails on new releases.

The steps for promotion

The following are the steps that need to be followed during the process of spotify promotion: –

  • The foremost step is sending of a song to the editor team. This can be done via Spotify for Artists in which the submitted songs are filtered out by the editorial team via an inbuilt tool and then added to the Release Radar Playlist.
  • Once added in the playlist, the platform offers various promotional services that can make the compose get featured and hence come within the radar of the fans and listeners. One just needs to activate the same and hence get ensured that he or she gets paid for every streaming.
  • One step that needs to be taken care of is avoiding of any fraudulent service that guarantees cent per cent playlist placement because if this comes under the supervision of the main Spotify server, it could lead to the blocking of the account of the artist permanently.
  • There is a pre-set code for embedded Spotify player available, which can be used by the artists to create a quick music player which can offer more and more platforms for the fans to listen to their favourites composes.
  • The best of the feature of the app is social sharing. As per this option, the music piece can easily be shared over the different social media forums like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Recently, the app had an upgrade of displaying a custom and playable audio card when shared over Twitter, so that the fans can listen to the music directly over there, without having to go via some links.

Hence, in a nutshell, Spotify is the platform to give wings to the aspiring musicians and aid them in developing their fan base. All it requires is that the artists need to follow some basic steps diligently and take expert help directly during any time of distress, rather than going for some third party or fake sources.