What the US Navy Wants for the Future

What the US Navy Wants for the Future

All round, I see the US Naval Study nicely suited for priming the pipeline of future technology, and yet, simply because they’re presently, properly it is not time for you to rest on our laurels for the reason that you will discover other potential enemies afoot building their very own weapons systems. Weapons that may challenge us in the coming decade or two, and after you get behind within the technology race it requires years to catch up. In my humble opinion and with no ego, I believe that the US Navy needs to have the strongest force in all of the oceans within this solar system, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that either.

Okay so, not extended ago, I was challenged on specifics of precisely what I mean by that statement so let me offer you 8 new technologies we’ll need to keep our naval superiority moving forward in the twenty-first century. For the US Navy, effectively, yes, I’ve some fears I’d like to see shored up to safeguard our Nation, Assets, Foreign Interests, Allies, and guard shipping worldwide while sustaining the capability to strike quickly or respond to All-natural Disasters.

I’d prefer to see our Naval Researchers appear in some of these Great Projects and ideas. Under I have listed some of my concepts, but comprehend this was a 10-minute workout, so there are quite a few extra bundled in my head, to add to this list:

  1. Ability to Swarm combat UAVs (carrier primarily based)
  2. Ability to defend fleet against swarm anti-ship missiles with Aegis, Lasers, Metal Storm
  3. Off-shore underwater early warning by way of UUV, AUV (powered off of ocean wave, volcanic vent, wind energy re-charge) forming a net-centric net
  4. Track all foreign subs, ships, attack boats, robotic assets – buddy or foe (pollution signatures, sophisticated sonar, satellite, AUVs in fish college cloak, and so forth.)
  5. Control of Choke Points for shipping with stealth surveillance and pirate elimination via decoy Yacths, Cargo Ships, Tankers.
  6. Far better Intelligence with coastal nation-state militaries and police forces using collaboration, details inflow need-to-know and information collection robust
  7. Absolute pc security, cloaking fake networks to watch the incoming attacks, see exactly where they go, fee misdirection, bring about enemies to needless invest against bogus threats.
  8. Ten-fold rise advanced weapon system innovation, the hard-core push towards the seemingly impossible, count on good results to win.

Not surprisingly, implementation of such needs to be streamlined to initiate rapidly and place into the fleet. Excellent and successful training is also vital, maybe making use of futuristic, off the shelf high-tech education, VR immersion. You see, we will defend quite a few hot spots on the planet and choke points for instance the Straits of Hormuz, Suez Canal, Arabian Sea, Black Sea, Caspian, I have a lot of other suggestions as well, but please think about all this.