Website Design Steps for Beginners


Website design often gets the attention of many people to continue to visit your website. Therefore, websites are increasingly being used to sell various products. This business through the website is called an online business. To reduce promotional costs by asking for help from other people to design websites, there are usually many beginners who want to try to create their own website. Designing a website is quite complicated, but it won’t be difficult if you use the following website design methods for beginners.

1. Make a Sketch or Wireframe Website

Many people skip this first step. Before creating a website design, it’s a good idea to make a sketch of the web like what you will make. This sketch or wireframe becomes very important because it becomes the initial reference to how the website will be formed. You can use paper and stationery to square off the good LinkHelpers Scottsdale Website Design for you. You can also use computer sophistication to make sketches. It’s up to you to work around it. When finished, you can also show people sketches and tell them if they understand the flow of the website you have created. This is very important, to find out if there are still deficiencies in your sketch.

2. Visualize the Website

After making a basic sketch, the way to design a website for the next beginner is to visualize the website to image processing software. What is image processing software? Photoshop is one example. Here, you can “tinker” deeper, what your website will look like later. You can also apply the color of the website’s will at this stage.

3. Coding

This stage is the stage that can make you a little stressed. The error will start to be friendly with you. But this is very reasonable for website makers, especially if you are a beginner. The process of creating a website will certainly pass through this kind of bug and error. Coding can be done through several website creation software that is widely available. This coding can use HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. This is what makes the design of the website that you have created above interact, you can click on the menu, be able to move well to tempt visitors, and can display a form to fill in your name and email address.

4. Browser Adjustment

How to design websites for beginners is to customize your appearance with multiple browsers. Each browser has different settings about the web page view. Re-adjust the coding-coding that you use so that the website design looks perfect on various types of browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, and others. So if your coding is incorrect or not compatible with all browsers, it could be the appearance of your website in good internet explorer, but in bad chrome. And then you have to fix it again. One solution is to make CSS files that are different for all browsers. So there will be a script that detects the type of browser, so the CSS with certain types of browsers is activated by the appearance of your website will be good in all types of browsers.