Get the hottest trending tech in 2017 and get products to compliment it from A’GACI.


If you’re into fitness and tech, you need a Fitbit. Keep track of calories burned during your workouts, and steps walked in a day. You can also track your sleep activity, heart rate and even receive  texts and calls.

Stay hydrated while getting your fitness  on and get a Solid 17oz  Stainless Smart Bottle from A’GACI. Twist off the cap of this shiny bottle  and stay cool at the gym. Get it in black, mint or pink. Or if you prefer go for a bottle with a graphic, and opt for a  Think Happy 17oz Stainless Smart Bottle.

iPhone 7 Plus

Considering an iPhone 7 Plus? This is the year to get it. Named the  most advanced and best selling phone with a longer battery life than its predecessors, dual 12MP cameras and faster quad-core processor. Plus, water resistant and stereo speakers long enough to jam outdoors. There are new cool finishes available: red, jet black, and deep blue.

Protect  your new iPhone 7 Plus screen and get an Aduro Tempered Glass iPhone 7 Plus Shatter Guard from A’GACI. This screen guard won’t scratch or leave fingerprint smudge.. Now you can showcase your lovely iPhone 7 Plus and make everyone think it’s brand new.

Enjoy your favorite shows at work or take the perfect selfie and get a Metallic Phone Ring Stand from A’GACI. Your phone is safe  and secure in this ring stand. No matter the activity or environment, all you have to do is hook and mount your iPhone.

iPhone 6 Plus

In case you already own an iPhone 6 Plus, get an allover Kitty Party Glitter iPhone 6 Plus Case from A’GACI. Others will enjoy looking at your case when  you move your iPhone and glitter and cat confetti fall to the bottom.

Amazon Echo

Maybe Siri on your iPhone doesn’t drive you crazy to ask questions. Consider Amazon Echo and ask Alexa all you you want knowing you’ll get the right answer. No matter if you are looking for a historic fact, the weather, or want directions..command Alexa and she responds. Now it just got easier to adjust the room temperature, play your favorite song or dim the lights without you moving a finger.

Enjoy a great day at the pool with  Alexa by your side, and get a Lemon Tube Float from A’GACI. Relax and soak up in the sun, Alexa has you covered. Or float like you are part of  fairy tale and get a Mystical Unicorn Tube Float.

Samsung Gear VR headset

Get into virtual reality, be part of your favorite game and become the main character. Consider a Samsung Gear VR Headset. Good to point that this headset is very light and inexpensive.

Don’t get dehydrated while trying to make it through your virtual reality game and opt for a Not So Bossy Sipper from A’GACI. You’ll surely show them you’re the boss with this oversized bottle and a removable straw lid. Or don’t stop, keep moving and get a Moving Sand Cactus Sipper.

Have fun with your new gadgets and checkout A’GACI for affordable products that pair well.